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Children of the Forest - Rosemarie Ionker

Limited to 30, $85

Instructor will provide partial finished outfits for a girl and boy. Students get the outfits embroidered and machine sewn. Their work will be to do the hand work and the decorating of the boy’s felt vest as well as some inspirations on working with felt. Students to bring sewing kit. Some skill or dexterity required.

Huret Dress Workshop - Annick Phillips

Limited to 15, $85


Participants will learn to make a classic Huret dress to fit the 15.5 inch dolls on resin body, sewn by hand, using 19th century techniques including pipe binding, corded ruffles and cartridge pleating, using exclusive reproduction fabric based on antique Huret dresses. Students to bring hand sewing supplies including white thread, needles, scissors, straight pins, measuring tape, fabric marker and doll with basic underwear. If dress is not finished, students will be able to finish on their own. Good working skills on small pieces

Jointed Wooden Doll Workshop thumbnail.j

Making a Tiny Jointed Wood Doll - Gail Wilson

Limited to 25 (Minimum of 12), $155

Each person will do minimal carving using simple tools provided to finish and assemble a pre-painted head onto the body, paint the arms, legs and shoes, then hand sew and create her simple outfit. Doll is not quite 3 inches tall.  Instructor will provide: Pre-painted heads, wood parts, all paints, pre-cut and machine sewing prepared clothing, plus all special tools. No prior hand carving skill required.  Most importantly must be able to see small items well. Tools that students must bring: A basic sewing kit with fine sewing needles, pins, good quality 4” embroidery scissors (Ginghers recommended). Recommended: magnifiers over and above reading glasses, and a portable work light such as an Ott or Daylight brand light.  Good hand sewing skills a must. 


Gail has been teaching dolls in many mediums for over 40 years.  Her tiny dolls are a favorite for her bigger sized dolls.  She took on wood as a medium when she wanted to make her Hitty series and her Springfield Wooden Series (Joel Ellis and Mason & Taylor dolls of the late 1800's), so it is only natural that she also began to make many of her tiny dolls from wood as well.

Fashionable Hat Workshop thumbnail.jpeg

Fashionable “Treetop” Hat - Nina Fulton-Tolken

Limited to 25, $45


A versatile hat constructed in the milliner’s method. Wired brim, covered in a green and black patterned fabric, lined and trimmed with satin, a feather plume, beads and a buckle. 

Appropriate for a doll with approximately 6 ½ inch head circumstance. Such as fashion doll, French or German Children. Instructor provides all-inclusive kit. Students are encouraged to bring a sewing kit with small sharp scissors. Optional are small pliers.

Some skill or dexterity required.

hanky holder picture thumbnail.jpeg

Doll Hanky Holder – Jeannie Sieg

Limited to 25 / Minimum of 5, $30


A borrowed doll size handy holder from Jean Grout inspired this workshop. Students will make a doll size handy holder in the style of the 1930s or 1940s with machine work done, two hankies to be completed by French hand gluing or hand stitching as well as one that is edged with machine embroidery to be cut out from backing. Students must bring needle, pins, white thread and embroidery scissors. Jeannie Sieg is an experienced presenter of a seminar at the 2019 UFDC national convention, a workshop at the Region 15 conference in New Hampshire and arranged the program for the Raggedy Ann Breakfast. Some skill or dexterity required.

Questions about presenting a Workshop please contact

Donna Toneatti


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